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​​The Upside-Down Man has won several awards in competition, including:


                 •  Top 10% in the ScreenCraft Family Screenplay Competition

                 •  Top 10% in the Austin Film Festival Screenwriting Competition

                 •  Top 25% in the Los Angeles Screenwriting Expo Competition


​The Upside-Down Man is a romantic drama set in Boston during the Christmas holidays in 1956.  It is a high concept screenplay with the leading role in the mold of Seth Rogan, Jesse Eisenberg, or Ashton Kutcher---all who can play sensitive, reclusive characters with a subtle, comedic charm.​


​​A man wakes from a coma only to see everything upside-down.  But this twist of fate allows him to make a fantastic scientific discovery that gives him the fame he's always wanted.  But what happens when fate unexpectedly twists a second time?  Will he become a failure again?  Or can he change his destiny?


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