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​​The Code has won several awards in competition, including:


              •  Top 1% in the Los Angeles Screenwriting Expo Competition

              •  Top 1% in the New York Gotham Screenplay Contest

              •  Top 10% in the Austin Film Festival Screenwriting Competition.


​The Code is a modern day CIA thriller that is fast paced and suspenseful.  It has an equally brilliant antagonist and protagonist who try to stay one step ahead of each other in a cat and mouse game where intellect is the greatest weapon.






​In twelve hours, a terrorist who is MIT educated, fluent in five languages, and a master of computer systems, will successfully hack into the United States most secure military computer and gain control of our nuclear arsenal.  As the CIA desperately scrambles to stop him, they soon discover the threat was all a diversion.  Then they discover what he’s really after.


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