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April Moon is a completed feature length film that enjoyed a successful run in the film festival circuit and on the Roku platform.


April is blind but fiercely independent.   Her mother’s untimely death and father’s rejection has robbed April of her self-worth and led her on a path of self-destruction.   She calls the shots in her life and love is not an option.  

Then she meets David.

David is part cowboy and part geek, who sees through her pain. But, as hard as he tries to draw close, she refuses his love and continues her destructive ways, hurting David badly.

When he learns why, he does something so selfless that for once in her life April confronts her fears and allows herself to risk intimacy.

But is it too late?  

April Moon is a story that searches the heart of a blind woman who is forced to confront the only thing she fears---love.


"...a sensitive, touching romantic drama."

                            Tom Snyder, MovieGuide

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